Show Up, No Excuses


There are no alarm sounds that make me enjoy waking up before sunrise, after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep, to go to the gym. But it gets done. I've never wanted anything I couldn't earn, and when I commit myself - to anything - I am all in. Lifting, and strongman in particular, has been no exception.

Getting better at any sport doesn't have to do with the best coach, the perfect program or flawless genetics. It comes down to showing up every day. Show up for every set and rep. Show up on non lifting days for your recovery and the mobility work I know you don't prioritize. Show up with your nutrition and fuel yourself properly. Be consistent. There will be bad days. Days where even warm ups feel heavy and nothing goes well. Sometimes these days will outnumber the good ones. You'll question if you can do any more. If you'll ever make it anywhere with this. You'll consider what you'd do with the extra time in your days if you walk away now. But consistency will reap rewards. It will bring good days. And PR's. And success in things you couldn't do a few weeks ago. This will, however, require commitment and dedication in all aspects.

Nothing feels quite like stepping on a National stage - with competitors from all over the country - to battle it out, one minute at a time. One minute that can push you closer to being a champion, or quickly drop you from podium placing all together. There isn't anything quite like that rush of months of prep coming together into 5 or 6 minutes of active competition against some of the best your sport has to offer.

Personally, competing at a national or higher level was not something that seemed feasible when I first started lifting. I saw those people online, breaking records and being ruthless in their quest to be at the top and I wasn't sure it was anything I was capable of. Did those people have jobs? Kids? Way too many pets that they love but holy crap are time consuming to care for?!

I've now had the opportunity to compete at many local powerlifting and strongman competitions, as well as two RPS Women Worlds powerlifting meets, two National level Strongman competitions, at America's Strongest Woman during the 2021 Olympia, and have earned an invitation to compete for Worlds Strongest Woman 2021 and Arnold Amateur 2022. And if I have learned anything in the two years of competing in Strongman, and three plus years of competing in powerlifting, it's that amazing things can happen if you simply refuse to give up on yourself. If you make the decision to show up every day. Even if you have plenty of reason not to. No one else can get titles or records for you. No one else can do the work for you.

In the end, the podium doesn't want your excuses.


Jennifer Lyle


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