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Reasons I Lift

Updated: Mar 2, 2021


We all lift for different reasons, some are more important than others but in the end, we are usually here because of our love for the sport itself. No matter your reasons do, what is best for you! Here are a few of the reasons I lift:

· Mental: I use to run; I never was a huge fan honestly. I never experienced that runners high or the ever mind clearing process that I had heard people talk about. I needed a change mentally and physically; I never expected lifting to become everything I need mentally. It has gotten me through some tough times; I have broken down in the gym, never about the weights but things in my personal life. When I am having a hard day, I go to the gym still and in the end, I usually feel better in some sort of a mental capacity.

· Community: Powerlifting and strongman may be sports judged on an individual’s ability but do not let that fool you. These sports are more team orientated than some team sports! At a certain point, it becomes unsafe to train alone for events; if you wear equipment chances are you need help. I have had some of the absolute best teammates, coaches, and friends anyone could ask for! Many of these people I consider family; we support one another in and out of the gym.

· Health: I say the word health here, but I do not make the healthiest food choices all the time. Who really wants to eat clean 24/7; it is not ideal for anyone! While my weight has fluctuated like a yo-yo over the years my bodies composition has made changes since I started lifting. Those changes, even when they are small contribute to my physical health as well as my mental. I do my best to keep my diet clean but I will not pass up a burger and beer either; it is not an all or nothing kind of lifestyle.

· Competitive: Should you earn a participation trophy? In my opinion, no! Should this stop you from being a competitor? No! This should drive you even more; my teammates can tell you I am one of the most competitive people in our gym. We are all competitive and that is what makes us better. Sometimes it is not about being competitive against another person though, it is about finally crushing that 405 lb. squat that you have been chasing for months or years. It is about being competitive enough to fail in the gym then coming back week after week so that you succeed next time.

· Confidence: My confidence skyrocketed with powerlifting; I felt better in all aspects. I love the feeling of sore muscles, I wake up and I am like yes, I worked hard! I get a new bruise from strongman and I am like yes, I earned that bruise! When I hit a new personal best, I have a smile like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. I will grin from ear to ear the moment I realize I just crushed a new goal. Setting goals and crushing them is one of the best feelings.

These reasons are my own; I continue to grow and love this sport more with time. Maybe some of these reasons will encourage other females to try powerlifting or strongman, to not shy away from a weight that they think is heavy. Find your own reasons to love this sport.