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Fail and Fail Again


With social media today, life looks picture perfect. We take a million pictures until we get just the right one and we only post the videos where things look the best at a certain angle. In the world of sports, much of what we see are the successes we have completed in the gym.

I have never been a believer in only sharing my successes but I share my fails just as much if not more. I have fallen on my ass more times than I can count, especially at strongman training! I have missed attempts on events because of little mistakes in form or simply not paying attention or taking for granted my strength and thinking something will be easy.

If we do not fail how can we ever know our true potential? I am not saying go try to squat 600 lbs. when you can only do 315 lbs. on a good day! Do not go try to overkill it and risk an injury; but push yourself.

I started out training alone for the most part, I took videos of every single set and accessory I did every single gym session. I would change the angles of where I took videos. I would save all these, go home and analyze them repeatedly. I would stop them and put them in slow motion, I would look for anything that needed to be fixed and ask myself how I can do better next time. If I could not see something knowing it felt off, I would reach out to friends and ask them to look.

Why did I fail this bench or deadlift? How can I make myself better? What are my weaknesses? These are questions I still ask myself and always will while I am lifting. Never be ashamed of failing! It is part of the process. When you fall on your ass just laugh, shake it off, and get up and try again.


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