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Be a Sponge


I have learned that training in a group setting can have a positive or negative effect; depends on how the situation is approached. Some thrive off training with others especially when they are stronger and they embrace the opportunity. Others retreat and give up before even trying. When training with a group that is stronger or has been in the sport longer, guess what. They will make things look easy, they will move more weight in comparison!

Stop comparing yourself to seasoned athletes and letting it get you down. Those athletes are usually more than willing to help share the knowledge they have gathered from other seasoned athletes or from their own personal failures. Take advantage of being able to train with these people!

Be a sponge during group training environments! Pay attention and listen regardless if you have mastered an event. There are always things you can learn as a beginner or advanced athlete. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not be afraid to fail something you have never attempted before. We all fail! Guess what, you will fail weights and events! If you have not failed, you did not push yourself to your full potential.



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